Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems

Knorr Bremse, a Chippenham based engineering company, were looking to manufacture their market leading EP2002 brake control unit.  They specified a purpose built room that could be classed as a world standard for manufacturing the units. The product has to be made in a ‘controlled environment’ both for cleanliness, temperature and anti-static properties.


Knorr Bremse also needed to be able to show their visitors the brakes production process without them having access to the building. This meant being able to view the internal workings of the room externally from 360 degrees therefore the construction was fully glazed with glass double doors.


Taking this specification the room was designed from a lightweight steel and aluminium structure forming a self supporting room of 21m x 7m x 3.5m. This design allowed sufficient room in the ceiling void to take all of the services for the room (electrics, data cables, compressed air, air conditioning, sprinkler systems, fire alarms and air in ductwork). Finally the flooring used was a high tech plastic antistatic floor tile to protect the equipment in the manufacturing unit.